Dragonmeet Our first trade convention… And it was awesome!


Dragonmeet is over, and what a day it was!

I have been to many a convention before but never as a trader. It was a lot of work, not only the lead up and to it but during it and in the past couple of days winding down from it.

We met a lot of lovely people, talked for hours and hours about the Dungeon Tiles and DMB Games, traded ideas, saw pictures of other peoples set ups, got many, many compliments and questions on the product.

I’m going to give you a run down on the convention and then some of the actions that we are going to take coming out of it, and what’s in store for you from us in the next three to six months.

But first I just want to say a big thank you, not only to each and every one of you that came up to the stall and looked, picked up, stroked and generally played with the tile sets, but also to the hard working DMB Team, Dan, Mark and Callie who without, we would not have had such a fantastic day.

So first up the stand, well once it was all set up and we had figured out what we could do with the corner plot we were given, it looked pretty good, here is a picture of it, let me know what you think!


We took a display board along to run a few games on so people could see what the tiles looked like in use, but we just didn’t have room to get people around the stand and rolling dice, so instead we used it to show off some of the painted models we have from the D&D Board Game: Castle Ravenloft!

DSC_0283_edited DSC_0293_edited

Which it turns out is actually quite a good thing, as it meant that I could spend my day talking to the convention goers that came up to see what was going on. So many people gave us compliments on the tiles, how nice they look, how good they feel, lots of people asked questions about the material they are made from (diestone) and many where suppressed to find that we hand cast and hand paint everything.

It is always nice to know that people appreciate what you are doing, especially as we know there are others out there that produce dungeon scenery as well, but the sheer amount of compliments we got on the product was amazing.So ill take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who came over and spoke to us, it was lovely to speak to each and every one of you and talk about our product and your hobby!

We had a few people enquire about unpainted sets, and also about what was coming up in the future.

So here is a list of the bits we plan to have in production in the next 6-12 months, they might not be be released in this order but they are all coming in 2015

Fantasy Tile Floor Sets –  New floor styles.

We have 2 new floor patters to release, Flagstone, and Gothic. The Flagstone will also be mixed in to the cracked flagstone to make a 5th floor style. These finishes will be available in all of the pieces the current styles are available in (2×2, T-Junction, Crossroads etc) and any new tile sizes we produce.

Fantasy Tile Floor Sets – New Tile sizes

We will be releasing new floor tiles in various sizes that we don’t currently have in production. 2×6, 2×4 3×3, 3×5 and 2×8 are all floor sizes we are looking to bring out in the first quarter of the year. These are sizes that our customers have asked for so we will be getting them out to you guys as soon as we can.

Fantasy Tile Floor Sets – New Wall Finish

We will be releasing a new wall pattern, which will match the fieldstone floor, and will be called Fieldstone.

We will also be releasing some new wall accessory pieces, including pillared walls, curved, hex and angled walls. We have plans for walls with grates in them, arched walls, arrow slits and alcoves as well, and as much as we can they will be available in both the Gothic wall finish that we currently produce and the new Fieldstone finish when its available.

New Fantasy Floor Pieces

We have Curved and Hex Floors on the way, along with some diamond patter tiles, parquet flooring, Rune inscribed floors, large 5×5 patterned floor inserts, and a few others I don’t want to give away just yet.

We are also looking at introducing wooden floor pieces, as well as patterned floors made out of half inch and quarter inch blocks.

Dungeon Accessories

We got asked about this a lot, so this is high on our priorities list, we have moulds in the works already for barrel an crate piles, individual crates and barrels 4 or 5 different types of chests and lock boxes, fire places and fire pits, including the fire itself, wells, fountains, steps pillars, drinking mugs, book piles, book cases, a full bar set, tables, chairs benches, more stair variants, levers, candelabras, as well as beds, armoires, chests of draws, and everything in between!

Those will hopefully be with us by the end of January if not sooner!

Sci-fi Tile Set

This was mentioned so many times to us on Saturday that we have decided to make it our number one priority for 2015.

We have already got some ideas in mind for the starter set, as well as a host of accessories, so watch this space for more info, we are hoping to get at least he core set done for end of first quarter, so March/April time.

Large Scale Scenery

We were asked about a few larger scale pieces, like tower and bridges or bunkers and trenches, which we can easily do for both sci-fi and fantasy sets. Look out for exciting news about this in the first half of 2015, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Unpainted Sets.

A few people have asked to buy the sets unpainted, which we are also happy to do, although they won’t be on the website for a while, if you do want to buy unpainted tiles please do let us know and we will send you a price list for them.

Individual Tiles

We can and will cast you single tiles if you want us to, the price depends how many tiles you want and of what type so if this is something you are interested in again, get in touch with us, and let us know what you are after, and we will let you know what the prices are.

Well that’s about it for the new stuff on the horizon for now, but there is still so much more in store including tiles for use with your favourite board games and some more specific large scale pieces for the dungeon tiles as well, those are coming up in the latter half of 2015, so keep an eye on the blog as we will tell you more about it as we go along.

I will leave you with a few more pictures of the some of the layouts that people made while playing with the tiles at Dragonmeet and take this opportunity once again to say thank you for coming to see us and for supporting a great convention, see you there next year, and hopefully at some of the other shows around the country during 2015!

DSC_0301_edited DSC_0300_edited DSC_0296_edited

Andy @ DMB


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