Dragonmeet 2014 Here We Come!


For those of you who have been following us over on our Facebook Page you will know that we are off to Dragonmeet at the beginning of December.

For those of you who don’t know what Dragonmeet is, I shall tell you, or rather let the organisers of Dragonmeet tell you in their own words:

Dragonmeet is one of the most vibrant tabletop gaming conventions and the largest of it’s kind in London. You’ll discover a day jam-packed with things for you to do. Expect new and old games to play, industry panels, book signings, art show, bring & buy, cosplay events, lots of new traders and big demos, tournaments and of course the chance to make new friends and hang out with fellow gamers! This year we’re adding in more traders, boardgames, tournaments and miniatures games plus an evening of gaming and entertainment including the charity auction, the Dragonmeet Awards and some special events running until midnight! Explore the menu above or below to find out more about ‘the UK’s friendliest games convention’.

This is a BIG deal for us. Its our first convention, its the first time that we will be showing the tiles to the public, its the first time that our products will go on sale en-mass, and to top that off we have a display table as well.

Fortunately we have known about Dragonmeet for some time so we have our stock levels pretty much where they need to be, we have the display table all planned out and the pieces created. We just need to put the bad boy put together.

We have made the decision to take 2 of the core set variations, and a few new pieces, that will be available for the first time.

As the time gets closer, we will reveal pictures of the pieces we are taking, as well as the reasons that we have decided to add these items to the line, and how you can use them with the existing sets.

Andy @ DMB


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