DMB Kickstarter: What Do I Get for My Money?

We have been asked for a bit more description on what you get fro your pledge levels, so we have put together a little visual representation, and have updated the campaign on Kickstarter, but thought we would put a little blog post together for you as well!

Our First Pledge Level is for a Runic Floor Piece, and Here it is in all its glory, Its £10 if you want it in Standard Dungeon Grey, and its £20 if you want it painted.





Our net pledge level is for a Small Room. The room pieces make a 3 tile  by 3 tile room (in a 30ft by 30ft room if you are working on the scale side of things) and will set you back £20 for it in a Standard Dungeon Grey Finish.


So on to the set pledge levels, our first one is the Single Set which can be yours for £50 in Standard Dungeon Grey, or £95 if you want it in a Deluxe Finish.



Next we have Two Sets, which will Set you back £100 in the Standard Dungeon Grey Finish, or £180 in a Deluxe Finish


Following the Two Set pledge level we have the three set pledge level (yes there is a pattern forming here!) Three sets will set you back £150 for the Standard Dungeon Grey finish or £220 for a Deluxe Finish)


So next we have the 4 Set Pledge Level, which is £180 for the standard Dungeon Grey Finish or  £300 for the Deluxe Finish4-sets

The Final Pledge level (before we get in to the stranger and more expensive pledge levels is, yes you guessed it the 5 Set Pledge Level. This pledge level is set at £250 fro the standard Dungeon Grey Finish or £450 for a Deluxe Finish.


As always we like to hear your feedback so feel free to leave a comment here on the blog, on the Facebook Page or on the Kickstarter!

Until Next time,

Andy @ DMB


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