Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition – Yes I am a little excited….



Well the time has come to start rabbiting on about one of the things I have been looking forward to for the past 6 months or so.

Ever since it was announced I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second edition of one of my favourite games of all time. Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

Anyone who has played games with me over the past 5 years has been subjected to this game at some point, and it’s one of the only things my good friend Nate and I played during my time in the USA, as far as board games goes anyway, so much so in fact that I shipped a copy off to him while he was serving in the US army over in Afghanistan!

The copy I have of the original descent is battered, and bruised, it’s flown between the States and England almost as many times as I have, and yet it’s lost none of its charm, and yes I own all of the expansions, and although I prefer Road to Legend, even the upgradability of the hero’s ship in Sea of Blood is quite fun.

Before i go all misty eyed and nostalgic, I’ll get on with the point of this post.

Fantasy Flight games announced late last year that they would be re-making this game, and i was very excited about it. But in true FFG fashion they announced it and everything went a little quiet on it, with no projected release date, or any more info on it, until now!

The main box and the conversion kit are due for release in August, and they have appeared on the Pre-order list.

Laurel is one of the converted Characters from the original, and i must say they have made her quite tasty… Look out for an article comparing converted hero's to their original form

Even more exciting is that they are allowing shops to have a pre-view copy of the game, with a special Preview Kit before it goes on sale, which means we here at ROTDOG will be running lots and lots and lots of games of it in the run up to and during its release, and no doubt beyond that as well if I have my way!

The Preview Kit will also include 4 figures for some of the heroes from the original set, but not their Hero Cards, which will be available in the Conversion Kit

Preview Kit Contents

I am happy that they have decided to put out a conversion kit so that we can keep using the old characters and monsters, in the new game, especially considering I have so many characters from all of the expansions!

Look for more information on this game coming to the ROTDOG Blog, and also get your pre-order in now so you don’t miss it when it’s released.



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