D&D: Unearthed Arcana: A Trio of Subclasses

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In the latest edition of UA, we get a new play test option for three different classes.

The monk gets the Way of the Drunken Master. The paladin gets the Oath of Redemption. And the ranger gets the Monster Slayer, this is a re-working (or reimagining as WoTC puts it) of the Monster Hunter that they previously released for the fighter.

Click here to see the Trio of Subclasses PDF.

In a Nutshell here is what your getting

Monk: Way of the Drunken Master

At 3rd level: Drunken Technique
When you use Flurry of blows you get the benefit of the Disengage action, and you get an extra 10ft movement speed till the end of the turn.

At 6th Level: Tipsy Sway
As a reaction, when a monster misses you, you can cause that attack to hit one creature within 5ft other than the attacker. Recharge on a rest.

At 11th Level: Drunkard’s Luck
When making a saving throw, spend 1 Ki point, and gi e yourself advantage on the roll.

At 17th Level: Intoxicated Frenzy
When using Flurry of blows, you can make up to three additional attacks, provided each attack is against a different creature.

Paladin: Sacred Oath

The spells are all defensive, things like shield, sleep, hold person, stoneskin etc, which make sense as the oath is all about peace and wisdom.

3rd Level: Armor of Peace
While not wearing armor or a shield your base AC is 16+ your DEX mod.

3rd Level: Warrior of Reconciliation
Charm a creature you reduce to 0 HP’s with a simple bludgeoning weapon. you spare their life and for 1 min they will not move or take action unless you command it. You cant command attacks and the effect ends if it takes damage or is incapacitated.

Channel Divinity
Emissary of Peace: Use CD to give yourself +5 to your next Persuasion (CHA) Check that you take in the next minute.
Rebuke the violent: Cause target to take damage it deals to another as radiant damage if a WIS saving throw is failed.

7th Level: Aura of the Guardian
As a reaction when an ally within 10 feet takes damage, you instead magically take the damage. Does not transfer effects.

15th Level: Protective Spirit
You regain 1d6+ half your Paladin Level if you end your turn with fewer than half your hit pints and your not incapacitated.

20th Level: Emissary of Redemption
Resistance to all damage dealt by other creatures. Whenever a creature damages you it takes damage equal to half the amount it dealt to you. If you attack a creature, deal damage to it or force it to make a saving throw, you loose this ability until you take a long rest.

Ranger: Monster Slayer

3rd Level: Slayers Eye
Bonus Action: study a creature within 120ft, you learn its Vulnerabilities, Immunities, and resistance, and any special effects triggered when it takes damage. You also gain 1d6 damage the first time you hit it.

5th Level: Extra attack
gain an extra Attack at 5th level.

7th Level: Supernatural Defense
Whenever the target of your slayers eye causes you to make a saving throw, add 1d6 to your roll.

11th Level: Relentless Slayer
If the target of your Slayer’s Eye attempts to teleport, change its shape, travel to another plane of existence, or turn gaseous, you can use your reaction to make a Wisdom check contested by a Wisdom check made by the target. If you succeed, you foil its attempt, causing it to waste the action, bonus action, or reaction it used

15th Level: Slayer’s Counter
If the target of your Slayer’s Eye forces you to make a saving throw, you can use your reaction to make one weapon attack against it. You make this attack immediately before making the saving throw. If the attack hits, your save automatically succeeds, in addition to the attack’s normal effects.

Have a look at the full PDF over at WoTC, and let em know what you think of these new Character options!

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