D&D: Unearthed Arcana: Wizards Revisited

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This episode of UA provides us with two new Arcane Traditions for the Wizard, The Theurgy Tradition, and War Magic.

Click here to get the Wizard Revisited PDF on the WoTC website

In a nutshell the are:

Wizard: Theurgy

These religious magic-users follow the arcane tradition of Theurgy, and are commonly known as theurgists. Such spellcasters are as dedicated and scholarly as any other wizard, but they blend their arcane study with religious devotion.

2nd Level: Divine Inspiration
Choose a domain from your chosen deity’s list.

2nd Level: Arcane Initiate
whenever you gain a wizard level you can replace one of the spells in your spell book with a cleric domain spell for your chosen domain.

2nd Level: Channel Arcana: Divine Arcana
As a bonus action, speak a prayer. The next spell you cast gains a +2 bonus to any attack roll you make for it or to its saving throw DC, as appropriate.

6th Level: Arcane Acolyte
You gain your chosen domain’s 1st level benefits.

10th Level: Arcane Priest
You gain your chosen domain’s 6th-level benefits.

14th Level: Arcane High Priest
You gain your chosen domain’s 17th-level benefits

Wizard: War Magic

Followers of this tradition are known as war mages. They see their magic as both a weapon and armor, a resource superior to any flimsy piece of steel. War mages strike fast in battle, using their spells to seize tactical control of a situation.

2nd Level: Arcane Deflection
When you are hit by an attack or fail a Constitution saving throw, you can use your reaction to gain a +2 bonus to your AC against that attack or a +4 bonus to that saving throw. When you use this feature, you can’t cast spells other than cantrips until the end of your next turn.

2nd Level: Tactical Wit
You gain a bonus to your initiative rolls equal to your Intelligence modifier.

6th Level: Power Surge
When you force multiple creatures to make saving throws against the damage of one of your spells, you can increase the spell’s damage by rolling two more of its damage dice. You can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

10th Level: Durable Magic
While you maintain concentration on a spell, you have a +2 bonus to AC and all saving throws.

14th Level: Deflecting Shroud
When you use your Arcane Deflection feature, magical energy arcs from you; each creature of your choice within 10 feet of you takes force damage equal to half your wizard level.

Pop on over to WoTC and read the PDF, and let me know what you think, and if you’ll be using these new playt est rules in your home games!

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