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With the release of the PHB imminent I thought id give you all a taster of some of the artwork that’s going to be in it. It looks amazing, and is a reason to buy the book if ever I saw one, well that and the desire to play the game.

So where better to start then with the cover of the book.

Players Handbook Cover

My First Impressions are WOW! The art style is different, and has come away from the Manga, World of Warcraft art work that previous editions have had. Not that there is anything wrong with that style but its nice to see a new art style for a new edition.

Its also nice to see a departure from the Dragons that have been plastered on the front of the other edition books, and yes, that’s right, the Dragonborn on the 4th edition book still counts…

Next we have a really good picture of a spell.. the ever classic Cloudkill


 [Photo: Wizards of the Coast/Artist: Claudio Pozas]

Cloudkill is one of those classic spells that has been around since the beginning of the game, whatever iteration the rules take there are some things that just don’t change, and letting off a blast of egg-y sulphurous gas is one of them. To be fair its a lot like the games room here during a gaming session.

The Images are such high res that you can zoom right in, so here is the detailing of the front bugbears face.

Cloudkill Detail

Next we have an illustration that is probably my favourite amongst all of the ones I have to how you today, lets have alook at it before i start rambling on about it.


[Photo: Wizards of the Coast/Artist: Scott M. Fischer]

Its a little cartoon-ey but I like the line hatch style and I also like the fact that its an elven magic user, an enchanter I believe, that isn’t scantily clad.

The close up of this one really shows of the line hatching style on the face.

detail9 (1)

So the next one we have up is a landscape view of a Wood Elftown. Again this is in a newer style as it doesn’t show them swinging through the trees.



[Photo: Wizards of the Coast/Artist: Thom Tenery]

It does look like it may have been influenced heavily by a particular elven settlement featured in a particular movie trilogy, containing a magic ring and a dark lord, or something.

Ok so we where not going to get away with not featuring a Dragon in this blog post, I mean lets face it,  the clue is in the title of the game. Lets look at the full picture. 157997_IconicPartyRedDragon_DarenBader

[Photo: Wizards of the Coast/Artist: Daren Bader]

This lovely bit of artwork depicts a band of brave, or perhaps foolish adventurers, face of against a huge red dragon! Just look at al that gold they can get their hands on if they win.

The Close up of this one sows the dragons head and mouth, not something I want to get to close too personally.

If your gonna fight a big scaly beastie then your gonna need more magic. So lets look at an illustration for the spell Mordenkainen’s sword.


[Photo: Wizards of the Coast/Artist: Wayne Reynolds]

He looks like he knows a thing or two about magic, and his owl familiar on his shoulder is keeping a watchful eye of his owl familiar, and lets not have any silly Harry Potter references please!!!


I love the detailing on his runes, and the determined look on his face, it looks like he knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Let me know what you think of the new art work, and if you like or dislike the new art style.

Andy @ DMB 

The information in this post was taken from the blog over at boingboing.net and was written by Ethan Gilsdorf, its where I saw the images first, and its where I got all of the info for this post from, so go and visit his blog for more information.


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