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Sorry I have been a bit lax in the posting of blog posts this week, but then i have been getting the DMB Webshop up and running so you guys can buy our 3D Dungeon Tiles!

But back to the blog posts and here we are with another preview this time its the contents page from the Monster manual (MM).



Everyone loves a good monster, and apparently with the arrival of 5th edition, Wizards of the coast loves some not so good monsters including the Fhlump…. which although being voted one of the worst ideas in the games publishing history by player, has snuck its way back in to the monster manual this time round, after being absent from the last 2 edition.

Here is the second edition Stat block for the Flumph, original released in the Fiend Folio.

ff8_1 ff8_2


I am also happy to note that they appear to have included some of the creatures from the outer planes like the wonderful Modron.

 Modrons are mechanical looking creatures native to the outer plane of Mechanus. Modrons resemble geometric shapes with humanoid limbs and represent a living, physical manifestation of law without regard to good or evil. They follow a strict hierarchy, with each rank reporting to the rank directly above it, and issuing commands to the ones ranking beneath it. For example, a quadrone modron will report to a pentadrone, and command several tridrones.”

This sparks the little fanboy in me hoping that they will release Planescape as a setting for 5th, as next to my beloved Forgotten Realms, is my favourite  Campaign Setting. This is what the little bad bad boys look like..


Other than reviving some old monsters, the new MM has a few other surprises.. 33 Pages of dragons, which means there should hopefully be more than just a bunch of stat blocks, although here is a sneak peak at the Ancient red dragon stat block….

There is also a little surprise that Succubus/Incubus are separate from the Demons and devils. This is apparently for later uses and having playable monster races.

We have 4 pages of oozes, which hopefully means all the classics are in there including the Gelatinous cube, which has before had its own entry, and is missing from the contents page for this MM.

They have put the monstrous beasties in an appendix, so you should find your Giant spiders, wolves, rats and vermin in there.

There are 5 pages for Lycanthropes, so lets hope the wereshark made it, and then a whopping 5 pages of Beholders, so guess what my players are going to be facing as soon as i have my hands on the book…

Look for more in the next few days!

Andy @ DMB


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