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Today we are going to kick off the blog posts with a look at the Tiefling form the Players Handbook. Let’s look at the double page spread, then we can look at each page individually.

Tiefling Double Page Spread

This is the first full page spread we have seen from the PHB, and I have to say I like the layout. Hey have set the pages out clearly, and they have used a font that is easy to read, I am glad the parchment coloured paper is back, its so much easier to read the text when its not on a bright white background, and best of all they have left the horrid lines off that where all over the 3.5 rulebook.

They seem to have given slightly less information about the race then they did in 4th edition. although it does seem to make a bit more sense, and is more informative.

Lets take a look at the first page of the spread in more detail.


The obvious thing about this page is the illustration, I takes up most of the top right of the page, and its in an art style that I am beginning to like a lot.

Under that is an interesting it of filler text, that helps to set the scene for the race and what someone who is part of that race might have to put up with or might feel in their day to day life.

The next couple of sections give background on the race and how to play a Tiefling.

Not to much to say about it really, read the text and see what its like to be a Tiefling! On to the second page.


There is a little bit more info about the Tiefling race in this page including names and a call out box about mutual mistrust, basically people don’t trust Tielfings and Tielfings don’t trust people, who would have thunk it huh? Must be something to do with that old pact with the devil..

Next it gives you the start of the Traits for a Tielfing, this is the first “mechanics” part of the book we have seen. it’s not much but it will do of or now!

Let me know what you think about the first peak at the pages of the PHB, there is more to come so keep an eye out on the blog for it!

Andy @ DMB


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