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For those of you who don’t know I have been playing D&D in one from or another for along time, My first game of D&D was during  lunchtime at senior school, so that was about 20 years ago.

For most of that time I have played with my good friend Brendan. On Thursday this week we will start playing the Tyranny of Dragons Adventure Path, starting with Hoard of the Dragon Queen. I will be the DM and I have 6 players who will be joining me, on this journey.

We have just finished wrapping up a story arc in our group where Brendan was running the game and I was playing. So now its time to switch it around and for me to take the reigns again.

Ill do another post to explain who is in the group, what character they are playing and how they ended up sitting in my games room, but we have all known each other for at least a year and fro some of us like Brendan, and my little brother Joe, its been many more years than that.

For now it will suffice to say that we have fun, there is a fair amount of messing around, but we play the game and generally progress through the story at a good pace, even if sometimes the  players (including myself) behave like chimps wearing clown shoes.

I always reward my players for going above and beyond when it comes to their characters and involving them in the game. I always ask them to write me a background that I can use to link their character to the story or give me some nice juicy character hooks I can use to tie them to story lines.

So with me taking over running the game again I sent out my usual request for character backgrounds, and I have to say that my layers have outdone themselves this time. Every Background I have gotten back is by far the best set of backgrounds I have received.

So without further ado I will share with you the background for Brendan’s new Character, Lia a High Elf Fighter.


I was born in the north, the exact location is not important nor your concern. My father, now a successful Merchant, once served as an archer in the High Elf Army. My mother, has for as long as I can remember, been a seamstress. The clothes she makes are made from the finest and most rare cloths. Only the wealthy can afford them and between her and my father our family has become somewhat comfortable and respected

Growing up I wanted for nothing. As an only child I was protected and spoilt in equal measure. All I need do was ask and what I desired was mine. I often travelled with my Father as he sought to purchase the items my Mother needed, his martial training always keeping us safe.

Upon reaching adulthood I was told I had to take some responsibility for my life’s direction. I did the only thing I knew I could do. Having watched and practised with my father for so long, I joined the High Elf army as an archer. It soon transpired I also had a talent for melee, my height and strength lent me to favour the War Hammer, and wearing heavy amour came easier to me than most.

However I did not like the discipline I was subjected to. I was used to doing as I pleased, ordering others about to do what needed to be done and to satisfy my whims. I stayed long enough to complete my training but only because I enjoyed the thrill of combat. As soon as it was possible, I grabbed my things and left .

I ran straight home to my parents. They were none too pleased with what I had done. An argument erupted between my father and I, midway through the High Elf Guard arrived to take me back. I begged my father to stop them from taking me, he refused to help. My father, whom I had looked up to all my life, so coldly turned my request down for the first time I could remember in my life.

It took my mother in floods of tears tearing at his clothing for him to come to my aid. A deal was struck and a large sum of money changed hands. I ran to him and threw my arms around him, he stood emotionless. I slowly released my hold on him, without looking at me he pushed my away and stormed off.  Upon his return he simply handed me his bow, a few arrows and a note that simply read:


I have used your inheritance to free you of the little responsibility you have ever had. Now you have nothing to lose but your spoilt, selfish, misguided life. You are to leave by sunrise and go out into the world and humble yourself. You must make your own fortune and accept the consequences of any future decisions you make.

You may not return until you no longer hold yourself above others, until you realise the path to true happiness and have made a difference in these dark times. Your mother and I will no longer recognise you as our daughter until you have done what I asked.

Your ever loving Father.

I left at that very moment, not another word was said. Now I find myself surrounded by low life’s and pretenders as I travel from horrid human town to another picking up what work I can, just to be able to eat and have a place to sleep that isn’t the street. I hate my parents, I hate what they have done to me, I will return and show them what I can do.

Well that’s that, Ill keep you guys up to date with what’s going on in the story arc, and with the various clowns I have sitting round my table, (again i’m including myself here) I am sure there will be plenty of shenanigans and funny moments to report back to you guys as well… there is even talk of creating a podcast… So who knows what will happen.

Andy @ DMB

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    Ill flesh mine out a bit. Thats awesome lol

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