Character Backgrounds Make Me Smile- Or Why I Love Creative Players.

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Recently we had a spot open up in our Thursday Night D&D Group.  So asking around the gamers I knew, we found someone to fill the spot, an old friend of mine Pel Pearcey.

Pel has been playing games of all sorts of games from RPG’s to miniature stuff, to LARP for many years, so I knew he would be a good addition to the group, and finally our schedules matched up so he can join in.

We had a chat about what sort of character he wanted to play and what would fit in to the party, he decided he was going to play a Tiefling Warlock, with the Fey Pact. 

After looking at the Fey Patrons that existed for Forgotten Realms, Pel was dissatisfied with them, and wanted to write his own Patron. Obviously i encouraged this as i do in all my players when they want to do something fro the game or their character.

This is the Result:

The Golden Courts 

Could this be where the Golden Courts reside in the Feywild?

Could this be where the Golden Courts reside in the Feywild?

Existing within the Feywilds, the Golden Courts are a mirror of the noble houses of the material plane. Anachronistic and steeped in tradition and lore they have remained unchanged for time immemorial.

The Lords and Ladies of the Golden Courts are obsessed with tradition and order – however, how that order is kept is of little concern to them, only that is it maintained. For some, this obsession has spread from the Feywilds to the material realm where they extend their influence to the mortals that dwell there.

Some claim that at least one Lord of the Golden Courts holds some sway among the Lords Alliance, and some claim that they are their steel fist upon the material plane. Others claim that the Lords Alliance wishes only to emulate the Golden Courts in some way and that the Fey hold nothing but disdain for the mortals who are playing at being Lords. Whatever the truth, there is undeniably some similarities in their methods.

The Golden Courts will often take promising younglings into the Feywild and train them in the intricacies of courtly intrigue and politics – and importantly the arts of persuasion and deception in achieving one’s goals. They care little for race, for they consider all to be beneath them – but as a Lord has a duty to their serfs, so to do they teach these stolen children that they have a duty to aid those who are worse off than themselves and to maintain the natural order of things: The strong should rule, and they should rule justly.

The Golden Courts are not adverse to conflict however, and their ire is legendary. They teach every one of these taken younglings that should you be injured; be it spiritually, physically or socially that one must show strength and offer no mercy in crushing those who have wronged you: those who do wrong respect only strength and you must show it.

Lord Everforth rules over the Glittering Halls beside his beloved, atop his throne fashioned from books of lore and cushioned thrones woven from the hair of lost children. He is obsessed with mortals and studies them all with equal pleasure, taking little care for their race. He expects his subjects to do likewise.

He takes great pleasure in sending his shadowy retainers to the material plane to steal away those whose presence glitters like stars in the Feywild skies, one such child was the Tiefling street urchin Arinfel…

The reason I love creative players like Pel, and the rest of my Thursday night group, is because it makes my job as a DM so much easier. Anyone who goes to the trouble of writing backgrounds, additional information or creating their own parts of the world the group plays in interested, committed and serious about the game.

Roleplaying is an investment in time and effort, especially for the DM who writes his own world and or campaign. With this Fey Patron Pel has given me lots of insight in to his characters background, I have a patron i can use to manipulate him, and i have a mirror in to the past of his character.

The Golden Courts will grow and change as we progress through the story, and Arinfel’s tory will unfold and grow along with the group and the story, keep an eye out for more on the Golden Courts and the Thursday Night game group as we continue onwards!

Andy @ DMB


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