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DMB Games: Memoires of a grumpy gamer picture: X-Wing Game
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Memoires of a Grumpy Gamer – Part 1. Climbing out of the rut. (Letting go of old friends)

How do you start these things? I thought maybe I should give you an autobiography of my gaming exploits up to this point but you should be relieved to know I don’t think it would be a good read and have decided to not put you through this. However I will mention that I used…
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The Reaper Bones II Kickstarter is nearly up on us. Just Under 4 and a Half hours to go!

I have no information whatsoever, on this other than its coming Today! You can however be rest assured that ill be looking at the site as soon as it goes live, and pledging stupid amounts of money. Ill also be doing an in-depth post on what you get, and posts as the Kickstarter evolves! I…

Gauis Thoctar. A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Character Background

    I was going through some old emails, this morning filing things away, and trying to give the impression that I am even slightly organised when I came across some emails from my WHFRP group. now most of the guys playing in it have been friends of mine for a while, but one guy…

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