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Idiegogo Results and Next steps

What a weekend! A Great time at PAW2017, and the Indiegogo Finished! I just wanted to give you a few stats. We where successful in finding Reaching 108% Funding for a total of £540. This means we can enough silicone and Plaster to expand our range! Now we didn’t hit any of the stretch goals but that…

We are live on Indiegogo! – Help us reach the goal for more tiles!

Here at DMB games love our RPG and table-top games. We live for our board games and we are passionate about modelling and creating new things for the table-top. We have always enjoyed bringing the table-top to life through battle maps and scenery. Some of you will already know who we are and what we…
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Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition – Yes I am a little excited….

Andy Kicks of a look at one of the games he has been most looking froward to all year, with a little retrospective of how he started playing the original, and a sneak look at the preview kit that will be winging its way to ROTDOG soon!
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: New Races Coming our Way in Heroes Call!

Well, Well Well…. Looks like in the Epic expansion for this awesome RPG game, we will be getting not only a slew of new careers, powers, talents and tokens, we will also be getting two new races fro players to try their hand at. But which two will we be getting? Both are old favourites…

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