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Map 32 – Rectangular Room & Corridors

Today’s Map is much smaller than yesterday’s. We are getting towards the end of the first level if the dungeon now. SO we will start looking at more of the Maps built out of the tiles, and also some encounters and bits to go with them as well. Look out for those coming up in…
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Level 2 – Map 9: More Connecting Corridors

Today’s map is more corridor, and I’m sure you’ll notice its quite a length of it. This level of the dungeon is much denser than the first level so there is lots of corridors between rooms,a s opposed o corridors connecting room to room to room like the last level. As i splice up the…
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Level 2: Map 7 – Long Room

Todays Map is Map 7 from the second level of the Manor’s Dungeon and is entitled Long Room. After the next couple of maps i think i am going to stop trying to think of exciting names to give the maps and just go with map numbers.  That way you cant get confused between, the long…
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Level 2: Map 6 – Large Room

This map Level2: Map 6 – Large room, is what it says it is. The alcove on the map gives plenty of opportunity for fencing part of the room off it could be a bedroom, a study a portal a library or some sort of shrine. Perhaps a temporary jail cell or some sort of…
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Level 2: Map 5 – Wide Room

Todays map is a nice large room. Level 2: Map 5 – Wide Room You may have noticed that the rooms on this level so far are actually quite large compared to the rooms on the first level.  This is due to the fact that the first level was the basement of the Manor and…
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Level 2: Map 4 – Large L Shaped Room

Today’s map is a big one! Map 4 – Large Shaped Room Measuring 100 feet at its longest point an d 40 foot at its highest, its a room fit for an epic fight. Throw a few Barrels and crates in there to give you some cover, and I can see arrows, fireballs and bolts…

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