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Whats goign on with Rosebyrne Manor? Is it a Board game or what?

Well, that is a good question! it’s gone through a few iterations and is actually coming out somewhere between a board game and a skirmish game, that might around a little confusing but let’s look at it in more detail. I started off with a massive plan to make a really in-depth board game with…

A Happy Customer! – Email Review Received.

We get told all the time how nice our tiles are and how much people like them, but yesterday I received an email from one of our Customer, Simon who has sent in some pictures of him using the tiles and a little review for us. As we dont have a review section on the…
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Map 32 – Rectangular Room & Corridors

Today’s Map is much smaller than yesterday’s. We are getting towards the end of the first level if the dungeon now. SO we will start looking at more of the Maps built out of the tiles, and also some encounters and bits to go with them as well. Look out for those coming up in…
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Idiegogo Results and Next steps

What a weekend! A Great time at PAW2017, and the Indiegogo Finished! I just wanted to give you a few stats. We where successful in finding Reaching 108% Funding for a total of ÂŁ540. This means we can enough silicone and Plaster to expand our range! Now we didn’t hit any of the stretch goals but that…

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