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What do you actually do now? Or How I make the Scenery – Part 1 – The Mould Making

I have been asked quite a lot recently “So what is it your actually doing now?” especially as I have given up work to run DMB as a full time business. So I thought I would write a quick blog post to explain what the process of making the dungeon tiles is and what I do on a…
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The Reaper Bones II Kickstarter is nearly up on us. Just Under 4 and a Half hours to go!

I have no information whatsoever, on this other than its coming Today! You can however be rest assured that ill be looking at the site as soon as it goes live, and pledging stupid amounts of money. Ill also be doing an in-depth post on what you get, and posts as the Kickstarter evolves! I…
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Effort Based Rewards in Roleplaying Games

What’s this you say, an RPG article… haven’t seem one of those for a while! I know the ROTDOG blog has been weighed down by card articles recently, but that will most likely change for a while as I have recently started running a regular D&D 4e game again. Our first session was last week, and it got…

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