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Map 29 – Secure Rooms

Today’s map is Map 29 – Secure Rooms. Now I’m not really sure how secure the first to rooms are here, looks to me like they might be used for storage or perhaps even guard quarters, I suppose depending upon the guards you might say they where the same thing! The doors on those other rooms…
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Map 28 – Another Simple Room

Today’s map is Map 28 – Another Simple Room. Where do i come up with these Map titles…..Nothing much to say here about this one, as you can see it is indeed a simple room, one entrance, or exit depending what side of the fence your on, one of those pesky T-Junction Corridors that need connecting…
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Map 1 – The Way Inn – Dungeon Tile Edition

Here is a little something I have been working on for a few days. I have set up the first of the Rosebyrne dungeon maps, Map 1 – The Way In using the Dungeon Tiles, and here its all laid out in all its glory! To make the map you need the following pieces: Floor Tiles:…
Map 26 - Square Room & A Crossroads
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Map 26 – Square Room & A Crossroads

Here we are Back to Monday again already and today we have a new Map for you, Map 26 – Square Room & A Crossroads. As you can see we are starting of a little bit simpler this week. You might also notice that we have an open doorway on this map. These can be…

Map 25 – A Connecting Corridor

We are rounding up this week with a little connecting corridor. These maps are important, as they connect the nice large room sections together. I am sure most of you can figure out how these maps are made out of the dungeon tiles, but ill be posting some pictures next week of how to build…
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Map 23 – Triple Stacked Rooms

Todays Map is Map 23 – Triple Stacked Rooms. As you can see it starts of with a rather innocent crossroads corridor junction and then there are 3 rooms, one on top of the other. Check back tomorrow for another map! Andy @ DMB
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Map 22 – Three Dead End Rooms

Todays map is Map 22 – Three Dead End Rooms. Not really a lot more to say about this map, just that 20′ by 60′ rooms are fairly large for dungeon rooms, but it means you can use them for anything you want to. They could be barracks, store rooms, guest quarters, monster holding cells……
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Map 21 – A Trio of Rooms

Good Morning and welcome to the fourth week of the Rosebyrne Project! Todays map is Map 21 – A Trio of Rooms. When designing a dungeon I like to have clumps of rooms all interconnected with doors, but no corridors. This to me seems more natural and organic than lots of winding corridors, leading off…

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