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New Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Product Announced – Black Fire Pass

Here is what FFG has to say about thier up comming release! A New Dwarf release for WHFRP, including Runesmithing, Dwarven Engineering and new all Dwarf Careaers!!! I say yes please!!!! Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Black Fire Pass  Black Fire Pass has seen the best of us and it has seen the worst as well. Its…
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Lie, Cheat & Steal: You’re the GM: Part 1 – Movies

Hello and welcome to the first instalment of Lie, Cheat & Steal: You’re the GM! This feature will be an ongoing conversation on how to gather ideas for running your role-playing games. Running a game can be rough, especially since you have expectations to meet, players to deal with, and story-telling that must make sense…

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