Announcement! New Year new product, New price!


Hello Everyone!

With the end of the year, fast approaching and a lot having happened this year I thought id catch you all up on what the plans for next year are.

We are changing material from resin-infused plaster to resin. Its more durable and it gives a better finish.

The First Sample Resin Tiles.

We are also going to be reducing our prices on the Cracked Flagstone & Gothic Wall core set, as this is the first set we will be producing in Resin and introducing 10 new sets of varying sizes that will range from £12 in price for an entrance room, with stairs, to £70 for a large room covering almost a foot sqaure in space.

As of today, you will find the old Cracked flag core set has gone from the website and that the new pre-order fro the resin set has appeared. They will be dispatched in the first week of December.

The new set has 3 extra pieces in it as well as eeverything you got previously. You’ll be getting two Open Archways, to go with your doors, and a downstairs piece.

New Resin Open Archway Piece


New Downstairs Tile

These sets will also be in resin and available in the Gothic wall and Cracked Flag finish to start with, but as we change more of the range over to resin, we will be adding the different styles to these boxes and making more sets as we go along.

The reason for the price reduction is simple, it’s costing me less to produce the resin for various reasons, so I’m passing the savings on to you guys.

The cost of the plaster sets will stay the same for now, but as things get passed over to Resin, I expect you’ll see the cost of the Cavern sets and other pieces drop as well, or at least they won’t get any more expensive, as some pieces are more complicated to cast than others.

We will have the samples of the TIles at Dragonmeet on Saturday 2nd December, so pop along and say hi and have a look.

More info on teh new sets and core set

Andy @ DMB


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