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DMB Games is the brainchild of two life long friends.. yes i know that sounds like its made up, but trust me it’s not.

Daniel Gale and Andrew Lawrence have been friends since Dan was 9 and and Andrew, being the younger and better looking one (guess which one of the two wrote this…) who was a sprightly 7 years of age. Dan’s parents moved from the big smoke, London Town, to the quiet little seaside village of Westcliff-On-Sea, in the mighty county of Essex.

The house they happened to move in to was across the road form Andy’s house where he lived with his 3 brothers and his long suffering (now not then) Mum and Dad. From an early age Dan and Andy would play games together, everything from HeroQuest and Space Crusade in the early years to Shadowrun, Pathfinder, S.L.A Industries and D&D in their later years.

Andy moved to the USA for a little while but never fully lost contact with his old friend. When he returned from the US of A, Andy got back in contact with Dan, and they started up their old shenanigans again. Playing everything from Warhammer 40K through to their newly discovered love of Board Games.

They discovered Flying Frog Games, and Fantasy Flight Games, as well as Days of Wonder and the new Wizards of the Coast Games. Both of them had spoken about making games before, and playing a wide variety of board games that where a far cry from the old Cludo, Risk and Monopoly.

After many conversations the two decided it would be a good idea to put thier heads together and make some amazing games, and to be honest with you, I think that we have done a pretty darn good job of it, so otherwise we wouldn’t be getting you to read all the gumpf above about the company and the bits on the About Us page that tell you a bit more about us individually and the talented people that help turn our ideas in to reality.

Its not Just Dan and Andy that make up the DMB Team though we have writers and Artists from all over the world that all work together to make the games we produce a reality.

Have a poke around and if you want to speak to us shoot us an email or jump on one of the many social media sites about and give us a shout, we are always happy to speak to you guys about our games, the future of DMB Games, or any game you fancy chatting about


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