A Happy Customer! – Email Review Received.

We get told all the time how nice our tiles are and how much people like them, but yesterday I received an email from one of our Customer, Simon who has sent in some pictures of him using the tiles and a little review for us.

As we dont have a review section on the website yet (its something on my to do list) so i thought i would post the pictures and his comment here for you to see.

Andy @ DMB

These tile sets are perfect for any dungeon system,various ways of making unique and interesting floor designs will keep your players enthralled. 

The quality and quantity of these tile sets are superb and are well priced, and the staff at DMB Games are friendly and helpful, to the point of making specific tile pieces on request.

I highly recommend anyone interested in making modular layouts to buy this product, you won’t regret the choice!

– Simon M

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