What Lies Beneath Rosebyrne Manor?

Rosebyrne FINAL LGO1

Well its a dungeon. Plain and simple, a sprawling multi-leveled dungeon.

Some of you may know about this mini project of mine, some might not.

About 4 years ago I had a different website that sold other peoples games and accessories before I decided to make my own. I used to have a blog on that website where I wrote about the games, and what was new in the world of gaming. That website has gone away now, confined to whatever space is set aside online for defunct websites.

But one of the series of articles I did was some encounter maps. I recently found the originals on a hard drive, and there are about 18 large drawings and i have another 12 or so in a book i found as well, and thought I would start posting them here.  So each day (Mon-Fri) I’ll attempt to posting a different map section. All the sections fit together and form a much larger multi level Dungeon map.

Im going to start tying it in to the Rosebyrne Project and also in to the 3D scenery bits as well. Im even looking to write encounters and perhaps even publish something as well. Its been a while since I have done anything like this so lets see where it takes us shall we?

This is the original idea that spawned the Rosebyrne town, and setting:

The Dungeon is a sprawling complex of room’s corridors caverns and strangeness. It starts in the sub level of a manor house’s basement. The manor house used to belong to a rich and powerful family. It sits on the outskirts of a large town, about 20 minutes horse ride away. It is set back in large grounds, with several other outlaying buildings.

The sublevel of the basement, only accessible from behind a section of revolving wall, hidden behind a wine racks, was used by the great grandfather of the house, who used to practice dark and evil rituals. He sold his soul to a powerful demon to gain the power of persuasion.

He was able to get anyone to agree to pretty much anything he wanted, whether it be price of goods, members of the watch ignoring transgressions or convincing the hundreds of young women he sacrificed to the demon to go with him to his basement, where their brutal and messy murders fuelled not only his own power but that of the demon he struck the deal with originally.

The house and its contents where left unharmed, but there was no trace of the family that lived there. Everything appeared normal, there where plates on the dining room table with half eaten meals on, boots by front door, even glowing embers in the fire place.

No one could explain what happened to the family and after a few months’ people started to take interest in the grounds and house. Several people have tried living in the place over the years but none last more than a few days. They all leave with tales of strange noises, things going missing, pets disappearing, and disturbing dreams to name a few things.

Over the past few years, the house has fallen in to disrepair, falling in to ruin much quicker than anyone would expect. It now sits in its overgrown grounds all but forgotten by the people of the village.

Over the years many creatures have made the ruins and its sub levels their home. Just recently a group of Orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins have made the first level of the underground complex their home. Avoiding some of the stranger rooms they have set up home in the Southwest corner of the complex.

They now launch raids against caravans and merchants from their new base. Little do the Goblinoids tribe realise what it has stumbled upon….

As you can see some of the details have changed but this is where Lord Kallidus, the Manor and the Town of ROsebyrne got it s start.

See you on the Flip Side

Andy @ DMB


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